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Online growing world day by day is in need of innovative and creative platform for information flow to the audience. Giving way to this technology oriented and software sloping demand is the domain of Website Designing. Website designing has thus created that very much needed platform to target and spread the right information to the desired audience, in minimal time frame with complete efficacy.

Learningslot Web Design Training in Hyderabad has been one of the finest exploration and training drive for the students to understand and develop their skills in the web designing field. Following the most updated and professionally driven methodologies, we have evolved as the top provider of HTML5 Training in Hyderabad. Our rigorous attempt in the field is to create professionals out of the students, who will be well capable of becoming independent company professionals in the designing field. Partnering with the premium CSS Training Institute in Hyderabad, we have outclassed our performance with various other design courses along with UI/UX Design Training Hyderabad.

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Overview of Web Development

Types of WebPages

Types Of Languages

Introduction To HTML Structure Of HTML Tag

Block & Inline Elements

Box Model

What is HTML 5? Overview of HTML 5

HTML5 Syntax

Forms & Form Elements

HTML5 Form Attributes

HTML5 New Elements

Video And Audio

Migration from HTML4 to HTML5

Types Of Elements

HTML5 Deprecated Tags

Web Storage

Html5 Deprecated Attributes

Server Sent Events - One Way Messaging

App Cache or Offline Applications

Server Sent Events - One Way Messaging


App Cache or Offline Applications


Canvas Overview

Drag and Drop API


File API


Exploring Photoshop

Types of Images and Image Editing Tools

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Using Photoshop Tools


Layers, Actions and Filters

Creating Custom Effects

Design Banners, Basic Website Layout

Conversation of PSD to XHTML

Understand web design

Set up your project

Structure web pages

Lay out web pages

Style text content

Add images and links

Create tables and forms

Test your website

Lay out web pages

Practice project: Create your first website

Style text content

Structure web pages

Add images and links

Design responsive websites

Types of StyleSheets.

Types of Selectors

All CSS Properties.

What’s new in css3.0?.

CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Properties.

Key frames.

Intro to jQuery.

Need of jQuery in real web sites.

Advantages of jQuery.

jQuery versions.

Downloading jQuery UI.


jQuery UI.




Having 5 years of experience in web designing field and has dealt with different types of clients for over Two and half years and is adept at handling requirements giving good ear to client ideas of design as well.

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