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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Online Training With Certification

Supply Chain Management (SCM) online training offers substantial component for logistics, manufacturing, planning, and analytics. Take advantage and benefits of a course curriculum that can help you drive utmost value from your venture. You can raise your supply chain for months in the forefront; sleek processes such as supply network, demand, and material requirement planning; create detailed scheduling and expand transportation scheduling.

The program has been formulated to match the essentials of managers involved in SCM operational activities like procurement, production planning, logistics and strategic activities like vendor selection and management, SCM network optimization, and product/process re-design for SCM. This distinctive program has been designed by professionals at Learning Slot to accredit these managers to be profoundly skilled to rise up to the beliefs of their firms.

Plenty of procedure in concerned before making a product. Properly from the manufacturing approach till the final dispatch of the goods, there are ample matters to be sorted. The raw substances has been purchased, labour has to be set, machineries need to be able, stock has to be checked, sourcing(if required) and so forth have to be performed. The provided administration has to give importance and the cycle has got to be managed. The order must be tactics and managed. For this reason, given administration in a whole chain and one have got to be proficient ample to control it. Learning Slot offers deliver management coaching in which the candidates shall be uncovered to the whole give chain administration cycle. They will get to be trained about stock administration, order management, warehouse administration, supply chain planning etc. Our trainers will be certain that the trainees have thoroughly learnt the procedure and can take the threat of dealing with a company. We will advise you as and when required.

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Course Objectives

1. Fundamentals

  • R12 Oracle E-Business Essentials for Implementers: Overview
  • Navigating in R12 Oracle Applications
  • Introduction to Oracle Applications R12
  • Shared Entities and Integration
  • Fundamentals of System Administration
  • Fundamentals of Flexfields
  • Fundamentals of Multi-Org
  • Fundamentals of Workflow and Alerts
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Products: Overview

2. Inventory

  • Overview of Oracle Inventory
  • Inventory Structure
  • Units of Measure
  • Defining and Maintaining Items
  • Lot and Serial Control
  • Transaction Setup
  • Issuing and Transferring Material
  • On-hand and Availability
  • Material Status Control
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Table Information

3. Purchasing

  • Procure to Pay Overview
  • Purchasing Overview
  • Enterprise Structure – Locations, Organizations, and Items
  • Suppliers
  • RFQs and Quotations
  • Approved Supplier Lists and Sourcing Rules
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Automating Document Creation
  • Receiving
  • Document Security, Routing and Approval
  • Purchasing Accounting
  • Puchasing Administration

4. iPurchasing

  • Understanding Oracle iProcurement
  • Oracle iProcurement Content Management
  • Oracle iProcurement Requisitions
  • Oracle iProcurement Receiving
  • Oracle iProcurement Setup Steps
  • Procure to Pay Lifecycle Overview

5. Sourcing

  • Oracle Sourcing Functionality Overview
  • Oracle Sourcing Product Overview
  • Creating Negotiations
  • Using Negotiation Attributes
  • Additional Creation Tools
  • Responding to Negotiations
  • Monitoring Negotiations
  • Awarding Negotiations
  • Using Collaborative Messaging and Notifications
  • Setting Up and Implementing Oracle Sourcing

6. iSupplier Portal

  • Setups
  • Over view on DMZ server
  • Creation of Advance Shipment Notice
  • Creation of Advance Shipment notice and Billing
  • Creation of Invoice
  • Collobirative Planning concept
  • View Payment against the Purchase Order
  • View Supplier Planning Schedule
  • Concenpt of Supplier and Child relation Ship
  • Request for Change Order
  • Oracle iSupplier Portal Overview
  • Purchasing Tab - Integration with Purchasing
  • Shipments Tab - Integration with Receiving and Inventory
  • Finance Tab - Integration with Payables, Purchasing and Receiving
  • Product Tab - Integration with WIP and Advanced Planning

7. Supplier Life Cycle Management

  • Supplier Life Cycle Management Setups
  • Prospective Supplier Registration Page configuration
  • Supplier Registration and Qualification Management
  • Supplier Profile Management
  • Supplier User Management
  • Supplier 360 Deg View
  • Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management in Procure to Pay
  • Oracle Supplier Lifecycle Management integration with Advanced Procurement modules
  • Supplier Onboarding and Qualification Process
  • Supplier Approval Process
  • Setting Up Supplier Onboarding and Qualification
  • Setting Up Supplier Material Qualification
  • Supplier Material Qualification
  • Supplier Profile Management (SPM)
  • Implementing Supplier User Management
  • Supplier Profile Audit (SPA)
  • Supplier Performance Evaluation (SPE) and Supplier Performance Management (SPM)

8. Order Management

    OM Setup:
  • OM – Preliminary Setups ( System Options and Item Validation Organisation)"
  • Profile Class
  • Order & Line Transaction types creation.
  • Setting profiles qp:ivo and oe:ivo
  • Price list creation with PTE and SSC profile settings.
  • Customer Creation.
  • Document Sequencing.
  • Creation of a Sales Order.
  • Creation of an Item with proper attributes
  • Item on a Price List
  • Item on Sales Order.
  • Item on a warehouse
  • Basic Pricing :
  • "Price for all items, Item Category and Item Numbers, UOM Conversion and Exclusive price"
  • Price Break Header – Point – Unit price
  • Price Break Header – Range – Unit price
  • Price Break Header – Range – Block price
  • Order Entry :
  • Defaulting Rules
  • Processing Constraints
  • Version History
  • Scheduling/Reservation
  • CSR/Schedulers
  • Auto Schedule

9. Shipping Execution

  • Overview of Shipping Execution
  • Pick Release
  • Ship Confirm
  • Deliveries, Containers, and Trips
  • Shipping Exceptions
  • Shipping Execution Setup

10. Warehouse Management

  • Explaining the basic concepts of Inbound, Outbound, and Warehousing
  • WMS Setups
  • Inbound Logistics
  • Warehousing Features
  • Outbound Logistics
  • Wave Planning
  • Oracle Mobile Supplier Chain Application
  • LPN Transaction

11. Bill of Material

  • Defining Items
  • Setting Up Bills of Material and Routings
  • Creating Bills of Material
  • Creating Customized Bills of Material
  • Maintaining Bills of Material
  • Create Routings
  • Maintaining Routings
  • Common Bills of Material and Routing Functionality
  • Creating Engineering Change Orders
  • Maintaining Engineering Change Orders
  • Transferring and Copying Items, Bills and Routings
  • Setting Engineering Profile Values and Security Functions
  • Engineering Overview
  • Setting Up Engineering

12. Work in Process

  • Overview of Work in Process
  • Setting Up Work in Process
  • Creating Discrete Jobs
  • Updating Material Requirements
  • Assigning and Managing Resources
  • Scheduling Jobs and Resources
  • Creating Shop Floor Transactions
  • Work in Process Cost Transactions
  • Appendix - Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Workstation
  • Special Topics for Work in Process

13. Advance Supply Chain Planning

  • Querying Supply Chain Information
  • Overview to Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  • Planning Information and Planner Workbench
  • Unconstrained Plans
  • Demand and Supply
  • Modeling the Supply Chain
  • Collections
  • Analyzing Unconstrained Plans
  • Constrained Plans
  • Constrained Plans - Enforce Capacity Constraints
  • Constrained Plans - Enforce Capacity Constraints with Decision Rules
  • Constrained Plans - Enforce Demand Due Dates
  • Cost-Based Optimized Plans
  • Global Forecasting
  • Integrating ASCP with Other Applications
  • Planning Strategies

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