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If an investment is made to promote and support any business, it is important to take every opportunity possible, to drive traffic to the website supporting that business. The desired results can be acquired only when people can find the website easily. Website traffic is essential for the growth of any business

Search engine marketing involves promoting your brand’s presence through paid advertising via search engines. This search engine marketing training Course includes detailed study of Pay per Click(PPC) campaigns, Keyword discovery and Google Adwords, optimizing the website using keywords , tracking the traffic using web analytics, measuring the success of the various techniques adopted to evaluate which works best , applying Geo targeting to target local customers through paid (PPC) or organic search, understanding and implementing the social media grasping tactics along with landing page optimization to convert site visitors into leads.

You will gain hands-on experience through live projects to understand the requirements of the industry. Learningslot helps the students get trained in various modules of SEM and make them confident enough to take up any certification examination related to SEM by conducting mock assessments for practice.

Placement Assistance.

Internship Assitancee.

Case Studies and Assignments.

Google Adwords Certification.

Self Assessment Tests After Each and Every Module.

Handouts of each and Every Module Would be Given to the Trainees.

Backup and Revision Sessions For the Trainees Who are absent.

Google Adwords Certifications

Google Adwords Ad formats

Bidding techniques

Types of campaigns

What is search Network Marketing

Creating Campaign

Targeting Locations

Ad scheduling

Adgroup creation

Ad creating

Types of keywords


Setting a Display Network Campaign

Concept of CPM and Branding

Automatic Placements

Manual Placements

Placement Tool

Contextual Targeting Tool

CPC Bidding and CPM Bidding

Setting a Video Campaign

Audience Tab

Topics Tab

Purpose of Conversions

Create your Conversion Tracking Code

Tracking the Conversions for Multiple Product

How to Promote Ads on Apps.

how to promote Applications

how to get more installs.

how to create audience engagement.

Targeting options

Ad creation.

Campaign and Adgroup Creating.


Google shopping Account Set up.

Google Merchant Center Account creation.

How to connect GMC to adwords account.

Campaign Creation.

ADgroup and Ad creation.


Introduction to Video Marketing.

How to connect youtube to adwords account.

Different types of video targeting Techniques.

Types of video ads.

Video marketing reporting.

Understanding purpose of Campaign.

Account Limits in Ad words.

Location and Language Settings.

Networks and Devices.

Bidding and Budget.

Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling.

Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping.

Demographic bidding (Display Only).

Social settings (Display Only).

Automatic campaign optimization (Display Only).

Purpose of Ad Groups.

Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative).

Ad words Keyword Tool.

Text Ad Format.

Quality Score and Its Importance.

Understanding the Ad Group and Keywords Dash Board.

Automate Tool.

Search Terms + Single Keyword Auction.

Columns Customization.

Alerts Setting


Ad Types in Adwords.

Text Ads and Guidelines.

Image Ad Formats and Guidelines

Display Ad Builder Ads and Guidelines.

Video Ads Format.

Ads Preview and Diagnosis

Adwords Account Setup

Creating Adwords Account.

Adwords Interface Tour

Adwords Dash Board.

Billing in Adwords.

Purpose of Conversions

Create your Conversion Tracking Code.

Tracking the Conversions for Multiple Product

Conversion Tracking

Dimensions Reports.

Google Analytics Tools

User Access Levels

My Client Centre (MCC).

Change History Tool

Adwords Editor Tool

My Change Historytool

Adwords editor tool

Having 7 years of experience in Manual testing, Automation (using QTP, Selenium) Having good knowledge in Performance Testing using Load Runner.

Good Exposure in Software Test Life Cycle & Software Development Life Cycle and Bug Life Cycle..

Involved in the development of Test Cases and executing the Test Cases.

Excellent in identifying Test case scenarios.

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