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Selenium testing is not a huge task ,if you have basic knowledge of any one Webdriver supported development language like Java. It is plus point to you if you have learnt Selenium IDE software testing, but nevertheless we have labeled many enquiries as part of the selenium testing online training units. The main intention of this selenium-testing online training is to make our trainees as leaders in their preferred field like Selenium Webdriver and many more

We every time recommend IT professionals to learn selenium testing tool to work on IT projects because it is an open source with various browser similarity and compatibility. It is also active for its depository developments and also supports language executions. Selenium is most proposed and upgraded testing tool to test web established applications on assorted browsers.

and distinct platforms. We provide quality study materials and tutorials which makes you to rehearse more on online training. Our training technique implicates examples and real time work for each conception which is a practical way to acknowledge the concepts and training agenda. Once you get any questions you are more than welcome to ask our subject related experts who are 24/7 available online to clear the doubts and quarries with the help of remote access. Our training contains one by one ways with proper explanation of testing concept. Once you finish the course, you are furnished with mock interview questions which will let you to succeed at job interviews and get in your aspired job.

Real Time, Certified, Expert Trainers.

Job oriented & Industry ready curriculum.

Free Course Access for 365 Days.

Fast-track / Regular / Weekend.

Will be sharing discussed programs(scripts) , PPT's etc after each session.

Features of Java

Sample Java Program

Class and object

Constructor and Overloading



Access specifiers

Exception Handling

Project Setup in Eclipse

Why we go for Automation.

When we go for Automation.

Types of Automation Tools.

WebDriver Introduction.

Advantages of WebDriver.


Selenium IDE, RC and Webdriver.

Downloading and configuring webdriver in eclipse.

WebDriver Interface.

Accessing Multiple browsers using WebDriver.

Mozilla Firefox.

Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome.

Close and Quit methods in Webdriver.

Firefox and Firebug setup in Firefox.

Identifying WebElements using id, name, linkname, class, xpath, tagnameetc.

What is Xpath.

XPath Introduction and all methods.

Making your own xpaths without firebug.

Handling Submit Buttons with example.

Handling Links with example.

Handling Input box with example.

Handling Combo Boxes with Example.

Handling Checkbox with example.

Handling Radio buttons.

Handling Multiple Windows with example.

Handling Frames & Nested Frames with example.

Handling WebList with Example.

Handling DoubleClick with Example.

Handling Drag & Drop with example.

Handling Keyboard Actions.

Handling Mouse Actions.

Capturing screenshots with WebDriver.

Implicit waits .

Expliclit Waits With Example.

Importing AutoIT into Eclipse Environment using JOCOB.

Using AutoIT API .

Configuring Hub and Nodes.

Executing webdriver scripts in Hub and nodes .

Frameworks :

Creating Test Scenarios in organized manner in a Excel sheet .

Executing Test Scenarios in Excel sheet (or Database) by using JDBC-ODBC connection .

Developing keywords with selenium methods .

Updating the Test Results after executing each test scenario .

Capturing screenshots of the failed TestCases.

Implementing Junit—Java Client Driver Framework .

Integrating AutoIT tool with framework .

Handling Basic and Advanced operations in Framework.

Implementing TestNg Data Provider .

Creating Multidimensional test data .

Developing keywords with selenium methods .

Creating Test Scripts with multiple sets of Data.

Creating Page Objects .

Creating WebDriver Utilities.

Creating Test Scripts .

Handling testdata.

Implementing Log4j.

Creating feature files.

Creating step definitions.

implementing page objects binding to step definitions.

Integrating with maven.


Introduction to Rest Services.

Sample tests on Rest services.

Automating Restful API's.

Creating New Jobs.

Integrating source code\version control tool to Jenkins.

Integrating maven project to Jenkins job.

Email Notifications with Jenkins.

Note : Assignment’s will be given in parallel to each topic

Having 7 years of experience in Manual testing, Automation (using QTP, Selenium) Having good knowledge in Performance Testing using Load Runner.

Good Exposure in Software Test Life Cycle & Software Development Life Cycle and Bug Life Cycle..

Involved in the development of Test Cases and executing the Test Cases.

Excellent in identifying Test case scenarios.

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